CrazyBulk Couples Workout – Perfect for Valentines Day!

CrazyBulk Couple Ash & Maria

Couples who train together stay together.

But why?

It’s been scientifically proven that couples who take on physical challenges together feel happier in their romantic relationships.*

Exercise promotes “physiological arousal” in your body, giving you all the symptoms like:

  • racing heartbeat
  • shortness of breath
  • sweaty palms

Notice how these are all the same things that happen to you before a first date? These symptoms actually drive romantic attraction! You’ll feel more attracted to your partner, and they’ll feel more attracted to you.*

Training together can also improve your emotional bond. Performing the same exercises at the same rhythm is called “nonverbal matching“, and it’ll help you feel more in tune with each other *

Plus, a little healthy competition with your partner can help you perform better as you exercise.

So grab your sneakers & your valentine, and let’s get to work.

Your Couples Workout Challenge

CrazyBulk athlete Ash and his beautiful wife Maria have created this couples workout challenge.

It’s all bodyweight exercises so you don’t need any equipment: just find a little space in your home or your yard.

For each exercise, perform 4 sets of 20 reps. 


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Cross your arms, then reach out and grab each other’s hands. Squat down and try to keep the same pace.

Ash & Maria - isometric squats facing eachother



Now turn around – this one will require a little more communication since you can’t see each other. Press your backs together and squat down.

Want to make this even tougher? Squat down and hold at the bottom – see who can hold the longest! Loser buys dinner.

Ash & Maria - Ash & Maria - isometric squats back to back



Grab each other’s right hands and stand up close together, facing each other.

Step backwards with your right leg and lower your hips until your left thigh is parallel with the floor, with the knee directly over the ankle.

Then repeat on the other side!

Ash & Maria - partner lunges


Follow Ash (NPC Mens Physique Champ) and Maria on Instagram for more training tips and workouts like these!

For this workout, you’ll perform 4 sets of 20 reps of each, doing best to keep form.
But, this is fun so, so please, have some fun with it!

– Squat jump high 5’s
– Squat push-ups
– Partner sit holds
– Jump lunges
– Kiss
– Lying leg raises
– Partner squat hold



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