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Jim gained 6lb of muscle mass with D-BAL and Trenorol!

Jim E.



  • Bulking

AGE GROUP: 31 – 45



  • Muscle Mass
  • Size & Strength

I was looking for a product to gain some energy for that extra drive in the gym. I thought i would try one dbal and two bottles of trenorol.

My aim was to add some muscle and cut up a little. I trained 6 days a week 4 in the gym 2 cardio and my diet was to maintain my weight not for bulk. The first month went bye before i got any real strength gains and stamina from these products so two months is recommended.

Ive still got two weeks to go on my trenorol ive added about 15kg step up in weights all around. Two inch on my chest and half inch on my arms.

So overall very impressed so far and ive had a big increase in energy levels and recovery time. I also added about 6lb in muscle mass so far.

Products used

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