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Konstantin bulked up with D-BAL and Testo-Max!

Konstantin F.



  • Bulking
  • Strength

AGE GROUP: 18 - 30



  • Lean Muscle
  • Muscle Mass
  • Strength

Which products did you use and for how long?

I used D-Bal and Testo-Max for a 1 month cycle. My goals were to achieve greater overall strength and increase the weight on most exercises.

What changes did you notice on your body?

I noticed a gradual increase in my muscle mass I saw this as when I weighed myself every two days there was at least a 1kg increase.

I noticed more muscle mass and a decrease in my fat % which was great.

I also noticed my arms and abs became more toned.

Did you have any changes in strength?

I noticed a gradual difference in my strength over the 1 month period, my bench increase from 50kg for 8 to 75kg for 8 and my squat increase from 80kg for 5 to 100kg for 5.

I was benching about 20kg more at the end of my cycle.

What’s your training program?

I had a 3 day cycle, first day was legs and back then the next day was arms and abs then the last day was shoulders and legs.

Products used

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Testo-Max (Sustanon)

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